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Googles autonomous car has logged over 700,000 miles.


Google self-driving cars have logged over 700,000 miles

The last time Google’s self-driving car team checked in with us over a year ago, when it announced Google’s cars had driven more 300,000 accident-free miles. Today, the team announced in a blog post that the cars have now driven over 700,000 miles. The team has been focused on improving the self-driving cars in cities rather than on freeways, mostly testing this in Google’s hometown of Mountain View, California, and this focus on city driving has produced some impressive results.

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An interesting look at the global population.


A billion people live in each color [600x354]

A very innovative idea to turn salt water into potable water.


The Disrupteneur of the day award goes to Gabriele Diamanti. This is beautiful story 



“Projects ‘for the 90%’ mostly fall somewhere between two extremes: charity and business,” designer Gabriele Diamanti tells Co.Design. “Neither was my inspiration!” Instead, spurred on by his own extensive travel and friends’ involvement in NGOs, he developed a fascination with global water scarcity as a graduate student at Milan Polytechnic in 2005; he recently decided to pursue his interest again and the result is Eliodomestico, an open-source variation on a solar still.

It functions by filling the black boiler with salty sea water in the morning, then tightening the cap. As the temperature and pressure grows, steam is forced downwards through a connection pipe and collects in the lid, which acts as a condenser, turning the steam into fresh water. Once Diamanti established the fundamentals were sound, he experimented with a series of concepts for the aesthetic of the object. “My goal was to design something friendly and recognizable for the users,” he explains. “The process developed quite naturally to determine the current shape; every detail is there for a reason, so the form, as well as production techniques, represent a compromise between technical and traditional.” Primary field studies in sub-Saharan Africa revealed the habit of carrying goods on the head—also a common practice in other areas around the world—and this was integrated into Eliodomestico’s plan. And while solar stills aren’t a totally new concept, Diamanti says it’s rare to find them in a domestic context rather than in missions or hospitals, or as large plants overseen by qualified personnel that serve entire communities. “I tried to make something for a real household that could be operated directly by the families,” he says.

The project recently won a Core77 Design Award for Social Impact; already, Diamanti has received international feedback, and hopes to see locals adapt and modify the design to take advantage of their own readily available materials and native environments. “The idea is that instructions for the project can be delivered to craftsmen” with the help of NGOs, he says, then a micro-credit program could be established to finance small-scale start-ups specializing in production. “So the NGO is the spark, micro-credit is the fuse, the local craftsmen are the bomb!”

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An interesting look at global asteroid impacts from 2000 to 2013.


Asteroid Impacts: 2000-2013 [2500 x 1440]

A look at 3D printed food.


Hungry? Just hit ‘print’
3-D food printers could revolutionize the way we make meals. Take a look at the variety of foods — from chicken nuggets to carrots — that can be printed.

A Bitcoin debit card - wonderful!


The World’s First Bitcoin Debit Card Is Almost Here

Xapo, a company that offers online bitcoin wallets, says it’s two months away from introducing the first debit card that will let you spend your bitcoins at any place that takes Visa or MasterCard.

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Recycling to supply your 3D Printer with this novel machine.


Turning Trash Into Treasure with 3D Printing

A Seattle entrepreneur wants to take recycling to a whole new level. Working together with a local inventor, she has developed a machine that turns plastic bottles into 3D printing filament allowing makers to literally turn their trash into newly created treasures. 

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