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We have added a few indices around the site. Though we look to the future, we need to keep an eye on the present as well:

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This map shows an interesting “What if" scenario - looking at the Dutch coastline with a 1m increase in sea level. (Looks like Groningen just manages to stay above water).


New coastline of The Netherlands if sea levels rose just 1 m

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A  wonderful view of lightning over Houston as seen from the ISS.


NASA astronaut films lightning from ISS

Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a Vine from the International Space Station today showing lightning over Houston.

Tornado warnings were issued in the Houston area earlier this afternoon but have since expired.

The planets - just because its a wonderful image.


The planets, aligned.

(via gravitationalbeauty)

Our daily Shuttle magnificence!


Archive: Southern Coast of Iceland (Archive: NASA, Space Shuttle, 08/97) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr.

Tramite Flickr:
This panoramic view, taken by an astronaut aboard Space Shuttle Discovery during the STS-85 mission, shows the southern coast of Iceland.

Image and caption credit: NASA

The dramatic growth in smartphones sales.


The long-awaited switch to Android-first app development hasn’t happened yet

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A look at Android Wear - Googles smartwatch.

From the moment Google kicked off its I/O developers’ conference on Wednesday, it was clear that wearables and Android Wear would feature prominently, as a parade of Google employees took the stage wearing mostly big-screened bulky-looking watches on their wrists. (via Gizmag)

A look at global seismic activity. (Sadly I can’t find the time-frame for this gif).


This image shows Earth’s tectonic plates, and the location of earthquakes and volcanic activity along the plate boundaries. 

What causes earthquakes, and why are they so unpredictable? Seismic waves that pass through the planet hold the answer to these questions. Their patterns can reveal hidden dynamics—hotspots, deep-diving rock, melting mantle—in Earth’s interior. 

Watch a video featuring the group that is installing seismometers across the United States, and check out our SeismoDome event, happening tonight in the Hayden Planetarium.

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