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CleanSpace One - Leave it to the Swiss to be first in launching an actual mission with the goal of cleaning space. There has been a lot of discussion on the growing problem of space-junk, and it is great to see somebody take the lead in doing something about it.

CleanSpace One is, as far as we know, the first purpose-built spacecraft designed from the ground up to tackle the space junk problem directly. Costing just under $11 million, it’s simple, cheap, and hopefully, it’ll be effective. […] Once it’s got hold, CleanSpace One will fire up its engine and drag the junk down into the atmosphere with it, burning them both to dust.

I do think they could do better than reentering debris as trash however. It costs tens of thousands of dollars per pound to place material in orbit - even if the gizmo has outlived its usefulness, it has significant value based on the mass/energy inherent to it being in orbit. Whoever cracks the challenge of “space-recycling” will be living very well indeed. Nonetheless, I applaud the Swiss for pathfinding ways of keeping space clean/safe for all of us!

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