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Today - The Dragon Returns…


SpaceX Dragon scheduled to return to Earth Thu. May 31, 11:44 AM ET

The SpaceX Dragon, having successfully berthed with the International Space Station, is on its way back home.

Dragon is targeted to land in the Pacific Ocean, about 500 miles west-southwest of Los Angeles, at approximately 8:44 AM PT/11:44 AM ET tomorrow. The vehicle’s return voyage, from ISS departure to splashdown, will be webcast on NASA TV starting at 3:30AM ET/12:30 AM PT.

From a NASA update:

    The Expedition 31 crew of the International Space Station spent much of the day Tuesday working with the SpaceX Dragon cargo vehicle, reviewing procedures for the departure of the first commercial spacecraft to visit the station and packing it with items for return to Earth.

    Dragon, which delivered 1,014 pounds of non-critical cargo on its demonstration flight to the station, was cleared unanimously Tuesday by the station’s Mission Management Team for unberthing early Thursday. The SpaceX team in Hawthorne, Calif., will run Dragon through about five hours of orbital operations before commanding it to a splashdown for recovery off the California coast.

After that splashdown, a ship will recover Dragon. The space vehicle will then be flown via airplane to a SpaceX site in Texas for post-flight analysis.

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