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Crime Prediction algorithm improves police deployment to reduce property crime by 25%

via nextbigfuture:

A recent study suggests that computers could be better than seasoned police analysts at predicting when and where crime will strike next in a busy city.

Software tested in Los Angeles was twice as good as human analysts at predicting where burglaries and car break-ins might happen, according to a company deploying the technology.

When police in an L.A. precinct called Foothill division followed the computer’s advice—and focused their patrols within the areas identified—those areas experienced a 25 percent drop in reported burglaries, an anomaly compared to neighboring areas.

[read more @nextbigfuture & @techreview]

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    Thumbs up if you believe DC and PG County need to broadcasting their crime prediction from TV on weekend nights.
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    É importante usar a inteligência dos softwares para otimizar a eficiência da polícia sem ter que aumentar o efetivo e a...
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