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DARPAs vision of the future of warfare - Warrior Web


DARPA program seeking to build the Crysis Nanosuit?

OK maybe not quite a CryNet Nanosuit, but DARPA’s new ‘Warrior Web’ program is seeking technology to build a lightweight undersuit capable of reducing injuries and ‘augmenting positive work done by the muscles’, while using less than 100 Watts of power.

The ultimate program goal is a lightweight, conformal under-suit that is transparent to the user (like a diver’s wetsuit). The suit seeks to employ a system (or web) of closed-loop controlled actuation, transmission, and functional structures that protect injury prone areas, focusing on the soft tissues that connect and interface with the skeletal system.

In addition to direct injury mitigation, Warrior Web will have the capacity to augment positive work done by the muscles, to reduce the physical burden, by leveraging the web structure to impart joint torque at the ankle, knee, and hip joints.

A Warrior Web suit system is not intended to interfere with current warfighter “soldier systems,” such as external body armor, rather it aims to augment them to improve warfighter effectiveness.

(via 8bitfuture)

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    This Will Perfectly Suit The Needs Of The Soilder.
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    DARPAs vision of the future of warfare - Warrior Web
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    MiFi unit strapped directly on...chestplate. Wired and ready.
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