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Agriculture: The future of agriculture lies in robotics.


Lettuce Bot would eliminate jobs, lower chemical pesticide use, and increase production.


Agricultural Robots Can Tell The Difference Between Plants and Weeds, Can Thin Crops

Lettuce Bot uses a camera to image the plants beneath it. Machine learning algorithms then identify which ones are desirable and which are weeds. It can work with iceberg and romaine lettuces.

Once a plant is identified as a weed, a target spray, which is mounted behind the camera, will then shoot a targeted spray of an organic compound, such as hot steam or hot organic oil, at the plant and the plant will quickly die,” the company told Startup Lab.

The plant-classification algorithm is 98 to 99 percent accurate, and the kill mechanism is accurate to a quarter of an inch when the prototype is moving a 1 mph. The firm wants it to move at 3 mph while keeping it on target. Blue River says its machines will be more efficient than other means of weed-killing, and will work well in organic fields or those that have chemical-resistant weeds.

(via Down on the farm, Lettuce Bot is quietly slaying weeds | Cutting Edge - CNET News)

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