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Communication: A look at a hands-free videophone.


Hands-Free Videophone 

Prototype from Japan worn as glasses, with cameras INSIDE it capture and project real-time facial information onto a 3D avatar - via DigInfo:

NTT Docomo has developed the Hands-Free Videophone, which enables video calls without having to hold the camera. This is part of docomo’s research on creating future glasses-type devices.

The Hands-Free Videophone captures the user’s face with three cameras in each of the left and right sides of the frames. The video sent to the other person is created by combining the pictures with a pre-rendered 3D model of the users face.

“Each camera has 720p resolution, and a fish-eye lens, with a 180-degree field of view. This is the High Definition picture currently being captured in real time. If you look at the face, you can see it’s really distorted, because the fish-eye lens is so close. The distortion is compensated, and the picture is combined with a 3D model of the person in the computer. Currently, priority is given to the part around the eyes. As you can see when the man closes his eyes, the eyelids and the corners of the eyes appear quite realistic. Such a level of realism is hard to achieve with models like CG-based avatars, where parts are overlaid on the face.”

More at DigInfo here

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Star Trek-like device beams life-sized holograms

A Queen’s University researcher has created a device that transmits life-sized 3-D holograms, allowing people in different locations to video conference while virtually standing in front of each other. “Why Skype when you can talk to a life-sized 3-D holographic image of another person?” said professor Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab at Queen’s. 

Full Story: Globe and Mail


US Teens Triple Their Mobile Data Usage

Via Nielsen:

Teens have officially joined the mobile Data Tsunami, more than tripling mobile data consumption in the past year while maintaining their stronghold as the leading message senders. Using recent data from monthly cell phone bills of 65,000+ mobile subscribers who volunteered to participate in the research, Nielsen analyzed mobile usage trends among teens in the United States. In the third quarter of 2011, teens age 13-17 used an average of 320 MB of data per month on their phones, increasing 256 percent over last year and growing at a rate faster than any other age group.  Much of this activity is driven by teen males, who took in 382 MB per month while females used 266 MB.

Note though that twenty and thirty-somethings still rule data usage.

Image: Monthly Data Usage by Age, Q3 2010 v Q3 2011, via Nielsen.

H/T: Mashable.