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We have added a few indices around the site. Though we look to the future, we need to keep an eye on the present as well:

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This map shows natural resources as a percentage of GDP.


Contribution of Natural Resources to GDP

Data source

This graphic examines sovereign defaults by country since 1800.


On July 30th Argentina defaulted for the second time in 13 years, and for the eighth time in its history. That makes it one of the world’s most serial sovereign defaulters, though not the most frequent reoffender. Ecuador and Venezuela have both reneged on their debts ten times.

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An interesting look at GDP distribution.


The world divided into regions with a GDP of 1 trillion dollars.

Source: DMan9797 (reddit)

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A look at projected growth rates in South America.


Why Latin America’s west is growing faster than the east.

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A look at the rise in billionaires.

The number of billionaires is forecast to grow by 38% to 2,315 in the decade to 2023, according to Knight Frank’s annual Wealth Report which is carried out by the research company Wealth Insight. (via BBC News)

The wonderful maps show the most highly-value exports by country.


Your highest-valued exports, mapped

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A look at world imports in 2012 (via Business Insider)