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Is too much emphasis placed in science on publishing in high impact journals? Or is it a necessity for research that has become the be all and end of research instead of a form of quality control?

“Basically, the minute my first paper was published in Nature, I received offers of tenure from 5 different Universities” our source said… [Priceless]


Authors of Nature papers couldn’t give a damn what you think, survey finds

Researchers who publish in high impact journals, such as Nature, Science and Cell, couldn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks, a recent survey has found.

In recent years, high-impact journals have taken a lot of criticism from some parts of the scientific community, accused of publishing non-replicable or obscure results, incomplete methods or science that is just plain wrong.

Indeed, there is a suggestion that Science will be published in cartoon format from now on. However, our survey has revealed that the authors of papers in NatureScience and Cellsimply don’t care.

“Basically, the minute my first paper was published in Nature, I received offers of tenure from 5 different Universities” our source said. ”I have two funded PhD students, 3 funded post-docs and a $1m budget to set up my lab.  The paper has been cited over 100 times.  You think I give a *&^! what anyone else thinks?  I’m made!”

Another respondent continued “We know there’s a minority out there who criticise the top journals, but 99.9% of scientists would love to be us.  Papers in NatureScience and Cell make a guy’s career and everyone else is just jealous.  As for Handy Randy Schekman?  Yeah, good luck with eLife, mate.  A lot of people want to create a high-impact journal; very few manage it”.

Several of the survey respondents had filled their survey in using gold leaf pen, and one included a picture of themselves driving away in their Porsche.”


(Source: The Science Web)

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Daily Shuttle Magnificence! (Happy 2014 everyone!)

Daily Shuttle Magnificence! (Happy 2014 everyone!)

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An interesting scientific find with prospects - fungus to clean radiation?


The fungus, now a subclass of its own - radiotrophic - convert, specifically gamma, radiation using the melanin pigment.

Experiments showed that samples exposed to gamma radiation experienced acetate accumulation and biomass growth up to 4 times faster than those without exposure.

It is currently not clear if they use the same process as phototrophic organisms (photosynthesis.)

A little humor for the day.



Say what you will, but we still love Bones… via Piled Higher and Deeper.

The truth is out there. It’s just way out there, and you’ll probably have to repeat the experiment three or four times to find it.

A brief historic look at genetics.

"Scientists confirm existence of new, super-heavy element ‘ununpentium’"

Far too true. Go unlimited Science!

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