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A graphic look at smart cities.


*Great town for a no-holds-barred cyberwar campaign

A look at smart cities.


Collaboration Aims to Support Smart Cities

CEA-Leti today announced that a group of European and Japanese companies, research institutes, universities and cities will work together in the ClouT project to deliver ways for cities to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing to become smart cities.

ClouT, which stands for “cloud of things,” will develop infrastructure, services, tools and applications for municipalities and their various stakeholders – including citizens, service developers and application integrators – to create, deploy and manage user-centric applications that capitalize on the latest advances in IoT and cloud computing.

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A novel use of smart tech in waste management.


In Finland, smart waste containers inform collectors when they need emptying

London’s Renew has already used smart trash cans to show relevant information to passersby, but what about waste collectors? The Enevo ONe Collect is a solution that lets authorities know exactly which containers need emptying on their route. READ MORE…

A smart and sustainable building as envisaged by Arup.


The engineering firm, Arup designed a mock-up building aimed at sustainability, regeneration, and efficiency. Arup’s design would utilize vertical space to integrate agriculture, energy systems, and community in a way that is flexible and smart.

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An interesting look at smart buildings. Look here for more on smart cities.

Report describes the future of buildings in 2050
Will Fox,

Report describes the future of build­ings in 2050

Design and engi­neer­ing firm Arup has launched ‘It’s Alive’ – a report that describes how build­ings in our cities could look and func­tion in 2050.

Th …

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An interesting look at smart cities.


10 Most Impressive Smart Cities On Earth

It wasn’t too long ago that the term ‘Smart City’ was not on very many people’s radar screens, but today smart cities are popping up all over the place and people are becoming more familiar with what that entails. In case you’re not familiar with the term a smart city uses information combined with technology to improve quality of life, reduce environmental impact, and decrease energy demand. This list of the smartest cities on the planet takes those factors into consideration, as well as the ‘smart’ plans the city might have for the future.

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Smart Cities: A look at what makes a smart city, well, smart.


What Exactly Is A Smart City?