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IBM making great strides in epidemiology with big data.

Thanks to new algorithms and a massive amount of processing power, scientists from IBM, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of California San Francisco have created a powerful new prediction system for dengue fever and malaria. The new models for the open-source Spatio Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) allow scientists to quickly predict the trajectory of infectious disease outbreaks and create containment plans. (via Fast Company | Business Innovation)

An infographic look at Data Science in agriculture (via What’s The Big Data?)

An infographic look at analytics.


The Analytics Big Bang

An interesting look at data merchants.

(via The Data Merchants Tracking Your Digital Shadow) Designed by amccartney

An infographic look at Big Data.

A look at data: Data is not always useful.


The Value of Big Data Isn’t the Data

“…I would argue that what you want and what you need is to turn that data into a story. A story explains the data rather than just exposing it or displaying it…” - Kristian J. Hammond

(via kdnewman)

An interesting look at the Big Data environment.


What do you think of this depiction of the big data landscape?