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We have added a few indices around the site. Though we look to the future, we need to keep an eye on the present as well:

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More on gamification. For an explanation on it see the post explaining gamification.


Interesting deck from BHiveLab that helps you explain #gamification to your boss.

Slide 4 I don’t think that the overlapping circles is the right visual metaphor (game mechanics don’t encompass advergaming and games), but I think Slide 5 is a great illustrative example of the game/advergame/game mechanics difference for one business (McDonald’s).

And Slide 7 is of course pure genius. - rajat

(via How to Explain Gamification To Your Boss)

(via gamificationsweden)

In our Future Tech page we flagged gamification (of Science (Under the Big Data category) and Media (Under the Media Category)) as a tech trend to watch. The infographic (by Big Door) has an interesting look at it.

So what is Gamification?

"Gamification is the use of game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts. Typically gamification applies to non-game applications and processes, in order to encourage people to adopt them, or to influence how they are used. Gamification works by making technology more engaging, by encouraging users to engage in desired behaviors, by showing a path to mastery and autonomy, by helping to solve problems and not being a distraction, and by taking advantage of humans’ psychological predisposition to engage in gaming. - Wiki

The clip below of Gabe Zichermann, a gamification thoughleader sheds more light on the matter:

This article:

Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists is a clear example of the gamification of science:

"The feat, which was accomplished using a collaborative online game called Foldit, is also one giant leap for citizen science — a burgeoning field that enlists Internet users to look for alien planets, decipher ancient texts and do other scientific tasks that sheer computer power can’t accomplish as easily.”