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We have added a few indices around the site. Though we look to the future, we need to keep an eye on the present as well:

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This map shows natural resources as a percentage of GDP.


Contribution of Natural Resources to GDP

Data source

An interesting look at GDP distribution.


The world divided into regions with a GDP of 1 trillion dollars.

Source: DMan9797 (reddit)

(via time-for-maps)

An interesting size comparison of China´s provinces comparing their GDP to those of other countries.


Chinese Provinces as Countries with Similar GDP

Source: youni89 (reddit)

A look at predicted GDPs for 2025 (via NextBigFuture)

Economics: World GDP is back on track.

Daily chart
The Economist online,

What crisis?

Growth in income per per­son is back to pre-crisis lev­els

DEVEL­OP­ING economies account for almost all of glob­al growth in GDP per per­son, accord­ing to the IMF. In 2011 they con­tributed some 80%, as advanced economies…

(via emergentfutures)

The chart is an interesting look at various nations GDP.



Daily chart: fastest growing nations. Global economic growth is originating almost exclusively from the emerging world, according to a new forecast from the International Monetary Fund.


Here’s a chart that shows the GDP and GDP per capita for the world’s richest countries