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Wang Yaping teaching during the Shenzhou 10 mission.


Video: China’s First ‘Space Teacher’ Could Be Next Out-of-This-World Star

Hard on the heels of Canada’s singing astronaut, China’s Wang Yaping delivers a lecture from 340 km above Earth, becoming her country’s first “space teacher.”

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China`s plans for manned spaceflights in 2013.


China Plans Manned Space Mission For June 2013

State media in China has reported that the country is planning a manned space mission in 2013, following a successful launch in 2012.

A three-person crew will be sent into orbit around Earth, comprising of a woman and two men, according to a senior official in charge of China’s manned space programme. The mission will likely be named Shenzhou-10.

The plan closely resembles the launch and safe return of Liu Yang, China’s first female astronaut, and two colleagues: Liu Wang and Jing Haipeng, who blasted off in June 2012 aboard Shenzhou-9 and took part in the country’s first manual space docking mission.

The country is not a member of the International Space Station project, and instead plans to build its own orbital space station by 2020.

According to Niu Hongguang, the deputy commander of China’s manned space programme, 2013’s mission is planned for June, but back-up launch windows have been set out for July or August.

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Mission accomplished. Well done!


Chinese astronauts parachute to earth after space mission

AP: China’s Shenzhou 9 spacecraft returned to Earth on Friday from a 13-day mission. The crew, which included China’s first female astronaut, parachuted to a landing on the grasslands of the country’s Inner Mongolia region.

Photo: Members of the search team approach the re-entry capsule of China’s Shenzhou 9 spacecraft (AP)

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A video clip of this historic event:


Chinese Astronauts entered the Tiangong-1 Prototype Orbital Space Module early this morning, marking a significant milestone in Chinese Aerospace history. The three-member crew of Shenzhou 9, with the first Chinese female Astronaut, is seen here waving at a television camera shortly after the hatch opening. Commander Jing Haipeng is seen below immediately after opening the hatch between the two space crafts. Shenzhou 9’s orbital module will act as the kitchen, toilet, and living facilities of the two-ship complex, while Tiangong-1 will be primarily for research and on-orbit operations. The crew is expected to stay at the module for ten days. This is China’s fourth manned spaceflight, and first long duration mission, expected to last anywhere from 12-14 days.


BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese spacecraft carrying three astronauts docked with an orbiting module Monday, another first for the country as it strives to match American and Russian exploits in space.

The Shenzhou 9 capsule completed the maneuver with the Tiangong 1 module shortly after 2 p.m. (0600 GMT), 343 kilometers (213 miles) above Earth. The docking was shown live on national television.

Astronauts will live and work in the module for several days as part of preparations for manning a permanent space station. The crew includes 33-year-old Liu Yang, an air force pilot and China’s first female space traveler.

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Ahead of China´s first crewed mission to their Tiangong 1 station, and their first female astronaut, Mayor Kiu Yang, which is scheduled for launch tomorrow, we can view a clip of the crew and an infographic detailing the mission:

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